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January 2018

More Last-Minute Tax Deductions

As the clock ticks down to a New Year, consider some business-smart ways to save on your 2017 tax bill.

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When You Want to Contribute More

While small business owners and sole proprietors typically zero in on how to reduce their tax liabilities at year-end, it’s easy to overlook tax-advantaged vehicles that can serve a dual purpose.

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How to Attract Older Workers

Choosing a benefit package that is attractive to employees of every age is often challenging, and even more so when an employer has an older workforce. Through 2024, the average annual growth rate of workers 55 years and older is expected to be more than 3 times the rate of the overall labor force.

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Your Neighborhood Estate Tax

Creating an estate strategy is, for most people, more about where you live than federal tax law.

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January 2018 Q & A

This month's Q & A discusses Disability Income Insurance, and how investing into your company's stock affects one's 401(k) diversification goals.

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Client Profile

This month's Client Profile discusses Denise, who is nearing 65 and is wondering whether she should sign up for Medicare.

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What Constitutes a Small Business

The Small Business Administration recently shuffled the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) definition of industries. How might this affect you?

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Short Bits

This month's Short Bits covers recent Employee Benefit Research Institute findings, the average cost for family health insurance coverage, changes to the annual gift tax exclusion, and our national net worth in 2017.

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