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November 2018

November 2018 Q & A

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The IRS informed me it’s auditing my company. What should I do?

Your first step should involve talking to your accounting professional, who can offer advice that fits your situation. If you keep good records and receipts of expenses and income, the audit should go smoothly. It may involve nothing more than receiving a notice by mail and answering concerns by mail within 30 days. Be aware that the first notice of an audit happens only by mail, not by phone. In-person meetings, if required, may be held in your business, an IRS office or your accountant’s office.

Do the new tax laws give me more time to repay my 401(k) plan loan?

Yes, they do. A new provision that flew under the radar during the recent federal tax overhaul is one that changes the deadline for repaying a 401(k) loan. When a 401(k) loan term expires, often after five years, the IRS typically treats the unpaid loan amount as a distribution for tax purposes. Additionally, the deadline for paying these loans in full is only 60 days if you left the company. But for loans treated as distributions due to employment termination in 2018 and later, the repayment period is now the due date of your federal income tax return, including any extensions.


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