January 2019

3 Business Benefits of New Year's Resolutions

If you own a business, why not consider the following off-the-beaten-path ideas?

As cybercrimes increase, you need to have a disaster recovery plan. You may be a single-person business that needs only to back up files to tape or the cloud, but you need to have virus and malware software to protect your customers, whose information you have. Doing without can cost you big time. Protecting yourself can save you on insurance and other costs.

If your business tends to keep its employees plugged in 24-7, consider the benefits of unplugging. Have employees unplug from all their work technology (including the Internet and their business cell phone) a couple of hours each day. Down time can help refresh your employees, lower stress, increase productivity and potentially lead to lower healthcare costs.

The best way to keep top employees happy and shrink hiring costs is to acknowledge them through word and deed, the latter including total compensation costs.


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