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April 2019

Avoid This!

Insights and Tips

If you don’t want to experience an IRS audit of your tax returns, you can reduce your chances by doing the following:

Report Your Income Accurately –
If you earn income from which taxes aren’t withheld and don’t report it, the IRS can match your numbers to 1099 forms business owners must submit.

Don’t Stretch the Truth –
Keep receipts for every dime of your charitable and other deductions.

Don’t Deduct a Home Office –
If you work from home and use your home office for anything other than work, you can’t deduct it.

Be Honest –
There’s making an honest mistake, and then there is purposely being dishonest. Understandably, the latter is a more serious offense.

Be Thorough –
If you mail in the returns from your tax preparer, don’t forget to sign and date all necessary pages. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your tax professional.


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