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October 2021

October 2021 Client Profile

Client Profile

Erin is a full-time employee and tutors her neighbor’s 2nd grader in her home once a week. The neighbor generally pays Erin in cash but sometimes gives her tickets to sporting events or concerts instead of money. How much taxable income from her tutoring work does Erin need to report on her tax return?

The money Erin receives for her tutoring services is taxable income. The real question is whether the event tickets she receives are taxable. The IRS states that any payment received for services performed is taxable. This includes payments that take the form of goods instead of cash.

Erin needs to include the fair market value of the tickets she receives in her taxable income. And since Erin is considered self-employed in regard to her tutoring services, she’ll be able to deduct all of her business-related expenses, including study materials and office supplies. If Erin meets specific criteria, she may include a portion of her mortgage and utilities with the home office deduction.

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