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December 2023

Beware Of Holiday Scams

Worried concerned girl in Christmas Santa hat having problems with payment by credit card online for New Year purchases, looking at smartphone screen with puzzled face. Scam, fraud concept

According to the FBI Internet Crime Report, Americans lost over $10.2 billion to cyber-enabled fraud, including $107 million to spoofing in 2022. Even savvy people can be caught by sophisticated schemes. Don’t be a victim; here are some common types of threats you should know about.

Spoofing is when online scammers message you, posing as a trusted vendor you know. They use email, social media, texts and other messages to lure people to fake stores that steal your money, credit card details, or personal information. Don’t click on any URL that looks slightly odd.

If your business has been spoofed, warn your customers to be on the lookout. Then, ensure that they have access to your website, email and shipping information.

You may receive a message claiming your package has been delayed and you must pay a fee to have it delivered. Think before you click.

The post office and other delivery services usually leave a note in your mailbox or at your door, rather than send a message. So, unless you expect a package and are positive that you recognize the sender, delete the message. Generally, if you are surprised by messages, or receive one that does not seem right, it is probably a scam.


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