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February 2018

Magnificent 7 Must-Dos

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For You

Contribute the maximum allowed to a qualified retirement plan. The limit for contributions from both employer and employee — you’re both if you own the business — has increased again. As an added bonus, get tax benefits on both the personal and business side.
Consider wellness. Financial and health wellness benefits are becoming more common in the workplace. If you spend long hours working like most business owners do, you’ll benefit as much as anyone from help in these areas.
Take a break. You’re not a machine, so take time off to recharge your batteries. You’ll be more productive when you return.

For Your Business

Go on the road — to conferences or conventions. Many professions offer continuing education credits for attending sessions. Even if they don’t, you’ll learn new things about your industry and make some connections, to boot.
Get social. A presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or a combination is almost a must for small businesses these days. Each platform offers tools and guidance to help you get up to speed.
Give it up — micromanagement, that is. The hardest thing for many business owners is giving up the “do it yourself” mindset and trusting employees to relieve some of the time-consuming burdens.
Get help. Depending on where you are in your business life, a business consultant, accountant, financial advisor or other professional may help you get to the next level.


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