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December 2020

Improve Customer Service to Wow Your Clients

Improve Customer Service to Wow Your Clients

Taking your customer service up a notch can reap huge benefits. If you want to retain satisfied clients who help spread the word about your business, use these steps to wow them.

Everyone appreciates someone who honors their word. Clear communication from the start is key. Mapping out exactly what will be done and when it will be done avoids confusion or disappointment. Communication doesn’t stop there. Continually communicating throughout the project establishes trust and integrity. And in the event your client is upset, acknowledging their concerns and correcting any errors is a must.

Another sure-fire way to wow clients is to give them more than they expected. Maybe that’s giving them a free gift with purchase or honoring an expired coupon or discount. This goodwill can turn a one-time customer into a loyal repeat customer who tells their friends about your company.

Although you might be hesitant to make a hard upsell pitch, offering free trials or samples of your products is a softer approach. If you have products or services related to what they already have, give them away in small amounts. For example, if they purchased your weight loss coaching program, offer them a free trial to your meal planning service. They will welcome your help in solving additional problems.

Expressing gratitude comes in many forms and a sincere expression of gratefulness will pay off in the long run. Considering your clientele, find the way to express your gratitude that will resonate with them. If your business serves local clients, maybe attend one of their events or drop off a hand-written thank you card. For e-commerce businesses, send a coupon they can use on a future purchase.


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