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October 2020

Raising Money-Savvy Kids

Raising Money-Savvy Kids

Basic money management isn’t taught in school. So, it falls on parents to teach kids about money. Use these tips to help your kids learn the value of money.

Teach your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees—it’s earned. Likewise, teach them to earn and save up money for things they want. Don’t be their money tree every time they want to buy something.

Every kid should have expectations for being a responsible family member. Homework, picking up toys, grooming and maybe something like emptying the dishwasher each day. Beyond that, make a list of age-appropriate chores that they can do to earn money. Mowing the lawn pays $10 while taking out the trash pays $1. Let them decide what they’re willing to do to get that new toy.

For older kids, teaching them that saving money isn’t enough. Teach that investing is just as important. Explain the basics of the stock market, bonds, bank accounts, charge cards and short versus long term planning. Make sure they understand the concept of time and money and eventually house down payments and retirement savings. When they start working, they will need to understand the concept of income taxes.


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