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May 2021

Defining Company Culture

Defining Company Culture

Company culture is defined as the values, goals, practices and attitudes that represent the personality of an organization. Worker satisfaction is highest when employees' personal views are in sync with a clearly defined company culture.

Start by establishing the beliefs, philosophies and principles that will drive business. Do you value individual effort or collaborative approaches? Do you stick with a traditional hierarchy or prefer something more fluid? Dialing in on these foundational views empowers your employees to make the right choices.

After you’ve identified your company values, norms of behavior will naturally develop. If you value employee autonomy, you may allow employees to set their own schedules. Employees will learn that as long as they complete their work on time, it doesn’t matter when they get it done.

Your business success relies on maintaining your corporate culture. Openly and regularly communicate the company’s values with employees. Celebrate successes and include everyone, not just those who “sealed the deal”. Building a community reminds employees what they’re working towards.


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