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July 2022

Key Hiring Decisions For Every Startup

Key Hiring Decisions For Every Startup

As your startup takes off, you’ll have to consider adding staff. Hiring decisions will depend on available resources and where you need help. When the time comes to expand staff, consider your skills first, to determine where your time is best spent. Then build from there with the long term in mind.

As you get started, hiring freelancers, and outsourcing some jobs may make sense. For example, you might find it valuable to outsource your accounting and finance role to your CPA. But once your company size reaches a certain point, you may want to internalize that work and hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to help with everyday necessities like paying employees and suppliers.

When your business is ready, you’ll probably need to hire administrative help, and eventually other managerial positions to oversee product development and sales. And when you have more sales and customer calls than you can handle, it’s time to staff a customer service department. Don’t rush hiring decisions. Determine how much you can pay and where it will have the biggest impact on the bottom line.


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