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October 2019

Get Ready For Small Business Saturday

While Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving – has become one of the biggest sales events of the year for the largest retailers, small business owners look forward to Small Business Saturday – the next day - as one of their busiest days. If you own a small business, here’s how you might position yourself for success that day.

If you depend on foot traffic, as many Main Street businesses do, advertise prominently on your storefront so that people walking by notice. Advertise sales in your community paper and especially via apps and social media. Perhaps you’ll publicize a promotion where the winners come away with merchandise as their prizes

You’ll have to start by cutting prices in line with what your competitors charge. Consider providing services like free wrapping, and offering additional incentives for shoppers on your preferred and frequent customer lists. You might also give a small bonus or increased commissions to workers who serve your clients on this big day.

Your employees are your customers' first and last impression. Train them to greet everyone with a smile and a comprehensive knowledge of the merchandise they'll sell.


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