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January 2019

3 Personal Benefits of New Year's Resolutions

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Save more for retirement. Make sure you have enough life insurance. Put money into a college savings account. This is all good advice most people should heed, but old news.

This year, why not consider the unexpected financial benefits for individuals who make the following New Year’s resolutions:

More people are wearing smart watches to monitor their heart rate, exercise and steps. Studies show increasing steps and, for that matter, standing more often may help people lose weight, lower blood pressure and reduce diabetes risk. Investing in — and using — this technology can help lower your healthcare and insurance bills and may even get you a discount on your employer’s plan, depending on your company and its insurer.

Learn more about your current job and increase your marketability — and financial prospects — by shopping the Internet for courses that can help you learn more about everything from business writing to public speaking. Some courses, including from namebrand universities, may be free when not for credit.

If you don’t have at least six months’ cushion via an emergency fund, consider the costs of not having one. If you have major car or home repairs, for instance, paying for repairs with a loan or credit card will cost you interest on top of principal. And interest rates have risen over the past few months.


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