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May 2024

The Time For Succession Planning is Now

The busiest, most successful business owners recognize the importance of having a business succession plan. But long hours can keep owners from conducting periodic reviews of the plan to help ensure it continues to address succession goals, both operational and financial. Here are some items to review that you might not readily think of.

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Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit

Parents paying for school-age children’s day camp this summer may be eligible for the federal child and dependent care tax credit (CDCC). Note that it’s available only for the expense of day camp, not overnight camp. But there is more to it.

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Tax Diversification For a More Secure Retirement

Just as you allocate assets to a combination of stocks, bonds, cash, and other investments, you may want to consider allocating retirement assets among tax-deferred, tax-free, and taxable accounts for a potentially greater retirement income.

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May 2024 Client Profile

Sharon, an independent real estate broker, has recently joined the growing number of gray divorcees (people divorcing later in life). She’s looking at what she faces and how to handle her new status.

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The Market's Obession with the CPI

Lately, it seems the stock market has become obsessed with Consumer Price Index (CPI) reports, hanging on the release of every new report. You may be wondering why.

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May 2024 Q & A

Let's talk about short-term rentals and the potential impact on your incomes taxes.

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Protect Your Security Data

Quite often, data security concerns surface when an employee leaves. But that’s not the only time your data may be at risk.

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Cutting the Financial Cord

In a 2023 Credit Karma survey, nearly a third of parents with children over 18 reported currently providing them with financial support. 64% of those parents said they provide support by allowing their kids to live at home, and another 49% pay monthly bills for them.* Both sides have good reasons.

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May 2024 Short Bits

Is an engagement ring a financial asset?

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