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August 2022

Consider State Taxes Before You Move

Relocating to a different state means state tax changes. Simply because a state has low (or no) income tax doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a low tax state. A state needs funds to survive and while they may not charge income tax, there are other ways to collect taxes.

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How To Change A Business Name

Has your business outgrown its name? Or perhaps you've purchased a company and want to rebrand its product line. Fortunately, changing your company's name is straightforward.

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Interest Rates and Bonds

A fundamental principle of bond investing is that market interest rates and bond prices generally move in opposite directions. When interest rates rise, the cost of bonds typically decreases and the bond's yield (how much you'll earn) usually increases. This is true for government and corporate bonds.

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Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

Here are the average retirement account balances by ages, according to a Survey of Consumer Finances.*

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August 2022 Q and A

Let's talk about changing the fiscal year-end for your company.

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August 2022 Client Profile

Jaime is starting school to become an electrician. He has some savings, but he’s worried about how he’ll pay for tuition without taking out loans.

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Higher Education Costs

Check out the average in-state costs for higher education.

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Retirement Plan Audits

If your company’s retirement plan has 100 or more eligible participants at the beginning of the plan year, you’ll generally need to have it audited by a qualified independent accountant each year.

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The QBI Deduction and Real Estate Investments

The qualified business income (QBI) deduction was born from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and offers tax savings to qualified businesses. Keep reading to learn how this deduction applies to real estate investments.

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