November 2023

Where to Find Small-Business Grants

To help you boost your business resources — or start a new business — in 2024, you may want to consider a small-business grant instead of a loan. Why? You don’t have to pay back a grant. However, your business will most likely have to include any grant amounts in taxable income.

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Be Aware of This Estate-Planning Change

When property, like the family home or other appreciated assets, passes at your death, do you want to saddle your beneficiaries with capital gains tax? You may do just that if you pass your home through an irrevocable trust.

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Do You Know What Your Asset Allocation Is?

The financial markets have had their moments in 2023. And if you haven’t checked your portfolio and retirement plan asset allocations in a while, you could be in for a jolt. Your allocations may be out of line with your current investment goals, timeline and tolerance for risk, but you can fix the problem by rebalancing asset classes.

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Gift Return Policies

Attention shoppers: Several companies have updated their return policies. According to a goTRG survey* of 500 U.S. retailers, 72% of retailers cite returns as a moderate-to-severe problem.

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November 2023 Client Profile

Jack’s advertising agency recently scored its largest account ever. Assembling the new account team will require him to hire an artist, copywriter, and project coordinator. His last new hires didn’t assimilate as well or quickly with existing staff as Jack wanted.

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November 2023 Q & A

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New at the SBA

Earlier this year, the Small Business Association (SBA) made changes to its programs that will widen access to government-backed small business loans. The change allows more non-bank lenders to offer SBA loans, expanding access to funding for underserved businesses. Additionally, implified lending criteria will save time on loan documentation, providing a more efficient path to approval.

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Top Holiday Shopping Categories

Do you know where the majority of your holiday dollars go?

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