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May 2022

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Hiring people with significant barriers to entering the workforce could earn your business a tax credit of up to $9,600 per worker. It’s available through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which was extended through 2025.

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May 2022 Client Profile

Lucy is preparing to open her hair salon, but she isn’t sure what types of insurance she’ll need. Beyond health insurance for herself, what other insurance policies should she have?

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Taxes and Marriage

Getting married usually triggers a multitude of changes to your life, but one change that you may not have considered is how marriage affects your taxes. For example, your tax filing status may change, most often from filing single to married filing jointly. When it comes to taxes and marriage, here are some things you should consider:

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Virtual Office Options

According to Zapier, 71% of millennials believe that offices will be replaced with most positions being done remotely by 2030. Meanwhile, virtual offices fill the void for services found in the workplace.

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Summer Jobs for Kids

Taking a summer job is a rite of passage for kids and an excellent way for them to learn financial responsibility while earning and spending their own money.

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May 2022 Question and Answer

Let's talk about renting out your primary residence and the rental income you receive.

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Consistency is Key for Retirement Investors

Slow and steady like the tortoise or fast and furious like the hare? Which investing approach do you think offers the best chance of saving enough for a comfortable retirement? For a long-term investor, being a tortoise has its advantages.

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Emergency Funds

Everyone experiences unexpected financial emergencies — broken appliances, a major car repair, a damaged cell phone, or worse, a job loss. Having some cash set aside to cover unexpected expenses can help you stay afloat without having to rely on credit cards.

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